“Confusing” would be a good single word summary of the announcement and overall build up to the release of Fallout 76 so far. Since the announcement trailer and even right up to the E3 2018 gameplay demo at Bethesda’s own conference, many people have just been straight up confused in regards to what Fallout 76 even is. But, to be fair to those confused, Bethesda hasn’t exactly been entirely clear themselves and I’d even go as far as saying the unveiling of this game, in general, was horribly botched.

The fact most people were still confused if they could play in a typical single-player fashion (similar to that of the previous games) after the E3 gameplay demo, is just further evidence of this. The odd choice of wording on to that very question in general and the lack of overall info has lead everyone to assume the worst — which is probably not what Bethesda was anticipating, at all.

So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Todd Howard is doing rounds of interviews with various outlets in an attempt to get as much information out there as he can. But, this most recent interview with Multiplayer.it (in Italian, but translated thanks to the folks over at Reddit) has revealed some new information that answers some pretty notable questions people have had. That said, I’ll just be highlighting the most interesting information, so, for those interested in the full interview, I recommend checking out the Reddit post itself.

Todd Howard reveals Fallout 76 info, including how they'll aim to prevent spawn killing screenshot

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Todd Howard reveals Fallout 76 info, including how they’ll aim to prevent spawn killing