#MyDecadeOnXbox Gives Detailed Statistics From the Past 10 Years

The team over at True Achievements have unveiled a rather nifty tool they’ve created that will let you look back at your decade in Xbox achievement hunting. There’s so much more information to go through than just achievements, and the process to get signed up couldn’t be easier.

xbox one x feature

If you already have a True Achievements account, your breakdown will appear automatically on their site. However, if you don’t have a True Achievements account, simply head on over to the #MyDecadeOnXbox page and sign in using your Xbox/Microsoft account. Once you’re in, you’ll see a detailed statistics page of all your gameplay from 2010-2019.


There’s an impressive amount of data to check out within the tool, including top played lists, fastest completion times, and various overall progression updates. Keep in mind that this is not something officially licensed by Microsoft, and thus you’ll need to give True Achievements your Xbox account information before you can proceed. They’re a solid member of the Xbox community and have been for years, but it’s something to take into account nonetheless.

Xbox Gamerscore

It’ll be interesting to see the direction Microsoft takes their achievement system in the new decade. It’s evolved over time to include things like achievement tiers and completion percentages, but I’m always interested in the new ways Microsoft plans to keep players invested moving forward, as undoubtedly the achievement system will continue to be a big part of their plans.

Are you an achievement hunter? How did you do with your gamerscore over the past decade? Let us know in the comment section below and be sure to check out our recent feature on Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty saying he doesn’t want a console war between PS5 and Xbox Series X. As always, stay social by following us on Twitter.