Microsoft had a stellar E3 presentation this year, but there wasn’t too much to keep me interested. I’m not really into most of the Xbox-exclusive franchises and the vague promise of “things to come” didn’t hold much clout for me. In the random indie stream of games, though, Microsoft gave highlight to Tunic from Finji and it immediately caught my attention.

From the quick trailer, Tunic looked reminiscent of old-school Zelda. It featured a fox instead of a weird elf character and the art style looked positively gorgeous. It was like a fuzzy, angular world made of felt and harsh geometry. It was certainly eye-catching and hard to forget.

Walking around RTX this weekend, I honestly didn’t expect to see the game. I took one look at the banner and jumped at the chance to get my hands on the game. I met with Andrew Shouldice, lead designer for Tunic, and he quickly got me seated to play. Giving me basically nothing to go on, I walked in with assumptions of how Tunic might play and was off.

Tunic is basically a recreation of classic Zelda screenshot

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Tunic is basically a recreation of classic Zelda