Apex Legends is making a splash once again in the battle royale market, as developer Respawn Entertainment just kicked off season two of the shooter, which includes new character Wattson, another series of content drops, battlefield changes, and a ranked mode. If you want, you can also connect your Twitch Prime account and nab four skins in the process. Once again I am not your dad.

Now, said skins may not even be for your characters of choice (I have to wait until the very end of the promo for mine), but things are kicking off now with Wattson, then eventually a Bangalore skin will unlock, followed by Octane, and Mirage (yes). The skins seem to follow a silly scheme, with Wattson rocking a Lisa Frank-esque unicorn coat and Bangalore nailing her badass look while sporting a dinosaur skirt. Octane and Mirage’s skins haven’t been unveiled yet.

So far I’m enjoying the changes Wattson is bringing to the meta much more than Octane, so I’ve been picking Apex Legends back up a bit while I continue my journey to prep for Final Fantasy XIV‘s endgame.

Apex Legends [Twitch Prime]

Twitch Prime is doling out four free Apex Legends skins screenshot

Twitch Prime is doling out four free Apex Legends skins