When Swords & Sworcery released way back in 2011, it had the extremely interesting quality of all dialogue being limited to 145 characters per box. This meant that any dialogue in the game could be tweeted to your Twitter account, thus explaining the contextless dialogue you saw seven years ago when the game launched. It was a neat feature, though ultimately kind of pointless.

Now, developer Capybara has announced that the Switch version of Swords & Sworcery, which was announced in an indie direct today, will not have that feature. Why? Because Twitter kind of sucks now.

Kris Piotrowski, the creative director at Capy, didn’t detail much further than that, but it’s probably not a sentiment that requires much in the way of nuance. So if you planned to tweet every piece of dialogue from Swords & Sworcery on your Switch and annoy everyone who follows you, you’ll have to do it with the Switch’s built-in screenshot share functions instead.

Twitter Implementation In Swords & Sworcery Being Removed For Switch