Hitman 2 Players Have Some New Content To Look Forward To

Hitman 2 is getting a bank map sometime this summer and a resort map in the fall, IO Interactive announced on Wednesday. The game will also be getting a new Sniper Assassin map that focuses on a prison.

Hitman 2

Notably, the Hantu Port Sniper Assassin map already launched in March for Gold and Silver Edition owners while the rest of the content listed under the spring section of the roadmap is available for all Hitman 2 players.

Also, according to the roadmap image posted above, the bank location will be available for those who’ve purchased the Silver and Gold Editions of the game while the resort map will only be available for Gold Edition owners.

If Standard Edition owners want to upgrade their edition of the game in order to get all of Hitman 2’s content then they’ll have to buy the game’s $40 Expansion Pass.

Hitman 2

Interested in buying Hitman 2? Then you should read our review before making your purchase.

“From rigging a chandelier to fall, poisoning a drink, or straight up shooting the target, players hold the lives of their targets in their hands,” the review’s author wrote. “While going in guns blazing can be successful, there is nothing more satisfying in Hitman 2 than successfully killing a target with either nobody knowing or under the guise of an accident.”


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Two New Hitman 2 Maps Are Launching Later This Year

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