These Two BioShock Games Are Part of GOG’s Winter Sale

The remasters of BioShock & BioShock 2 are currently 75% off on GOG until January 3rd and are DRM-free, the games retail website announced on Monday. Also, the original versions of both games will be available as a free bonus on GOG sometime in the future.


If you’re unfamiliar with the premise of both games then here’s a basic rundown: both entries take place in an dilapidated underwater city called Rapture and the player takes control of a protagonist who can use injections (called “plasmids” in-game) that give them special abilities such as being able to shoot lightning out of their hands.

Players can explore the open-ended hub world of Rapture in order to learn more about the fallen city and scavenge the necessary supplies they’ll need in order to fight against the main enemy of both games, Splicers (which are the horribly disfigured residents of the city).

If you’re interested in learning more, our review of the 2016 remastered collection of the three mainline BioShock games is a pretty thorough assessment the first two games in the series .


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Two Remastered BioShock Games are on Sale on GOG