Ubisoft Is Definitely Not Tolerating Cheaters in Rainbow Six Siege With Latest Update

Up until now Ubisoft has made it crystal clear that they don’t tolerate toxic behavior or cheaters. Just a couple of weeks ago they put bans in place for anyone who team kills and instant bans for using certain cuss words in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Now, they’re back at it again, this time kicking their anti-cheat deterrences into high gear.


Ubisoft recently took to their blog to let players know how their next steps against cheaters is going to work in Rainbow Six Siege. The publishers are looking to make the in-game environment a more enjoyable one for all…except those nasty little cheaters. In their latest blog post Ubisoft let fans know exactly what they stand to lose should they decide cheating is the way to go.

Here’s what the blog had to say about their latest anti-cheating methods, “This week we suspended approximately 1300 players that we determined to have been boosted by cheaters. These players were suspended for 15 days, which many in the community feel is not harsh enough. They will also not benefit from their illicit activities come the end of the Season. We are currently assessing how we will be delivering this from a technical side, but all players sanctioned for this will have their rank and rewards removed prior to the launch of Season 3. We want to stress that we do not view the sanctioning of boosted players as a solution to the issue. It was a stop-gap while we work on the solution, which is adjusting MMR gains/losses for all players in a match with a cheater.” In addition to this, the team added, “On the topic of adjusting MMR gains/losses for matches with cheaters, we are finalizing the design next week. Once that is complete, we will meet to determine workload, personnel, and deadlines. We will then have a better idea of the timeline for this feature going live.”

If you thought they were serious before, they just turned up the heat a whole lot more. What do you think about these latest methods to get rid of cheating from Rainbow Six Siege? Are these measures too harsh or just right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!