Ubisoft Delves Deeper into Far Cry New Dawn’s “New Beginning”

Ubisoft officially announced Far Cry New Dawn at The Game Awards just a few days ago, showing off a very different side of the Far Cry series. In a recent interview with GameSpot Ubisoft delve a little bit deeper into this “new beginning” for the Far Cry series and shared some details on the games twin villains.

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In a recent interview art director Isaac Papismado and scriptwriter Olivia Alexander talked a little bit more about this brand new Far Cry title. Far Cry New Dawn is a direct sequel to Far Cry 5 that takes place 17 years later following a nuclear explosion. According to Papismado, “Bringing Far Cry to a post-apocalypse setting is something we really wanted to do for a long time. It’s something that really excites us. And this is an opportunity for us to really do the Far Cry take. We really want to have something that’s unique and refreshing for the player. Everybody has their own opinions and ideas of what a post-apocalyptic setting should look like, but we really wanted to bring the player somewhere that’s really refreshing for him.” Ubisoft Montreal didn’t want to destroy the entire world however, and Isaac Papismado stated, “We really want to focus on building the beginning of this new world. And so from the beginning we knew we wanted something super colorful and inviting.”

And while the environment of the game might be completely different than anything we’ve seen from the popular series, one thing that remains the same is how each of the Far Cry games is defined by the calibre of their villains. Far Cry New Dawn is no different featuring murderous twin sisters Mickey and Joe who control the Highwaymen. Ubisoft have already revealed a bit about their backstory including how they killed their father when he “became a problem” and took over the Highwaymen. Now Olivia Alexander explains that the twins experience after the bombs fell shaped them, providing them with a different view of the world than other survivors of Hope County. “They’re incredibly shaped by the world that they had to grow up in. It was a world of scarcity and lawlessness, and any good villain always think that they’re doing the right thing and that’s exactly the case with twins. They’re here for a good time, not a long time. The Survivor philosophy is to plan for tomorrow. These guys live for today. They are very much the product of a world of, like, nihilism. They’re very much rather than oh, you know, God is dead, let’s be sad, it’s hey, nothing matters–let’s have a party and enjoy yourselves. Even if having a party hurts people around.”

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Far Cry New Dawn is set to drop for PS4, PC and Xbox One on February 15th, 2019. What do you think about Far Cry New Dawn? Are you excited to jump into a very different world? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!