Pioneer Refuses to Die

Two weeks ago, we reported that Ubisoft’s codenamed Pioneer — a sci-fi exploration game — was cancelled based on tweets from two former company employees. Now, a new report from Kotaku has revealed that it hasn’t necessarily been cancelled but rebooted as a “coop multiplayer alien shooter.”

Pioneer Ubisoft hidden trailer


According to Jason Schreier of Kotaku, three sources have confirmed that Pioneer has been transformed from its original concept of being a “non-violent exploration game” into a “coop multiplayer alien shooter.” It apparently will retain “some of Pioneer’s old features” and will be developed using the Rainbow Six Anvil engine. According to one of the sources, “Old Pioneer is dead. Pioneer’s half-undead brother is here.”

Not much else is known except that the project is still in development and that the wait for the game will undoubtedly be much longer. Kotaku’s sources spoke anonymously and Ubisoft has declined to comment.

Pioneer was first teased in a side-mission in Watch Dogs 2 that involved infiltrating an in-game version of Ubisoft and leaking a new trailer for an unannounced game. It was a little on the nose but the “leaked” trailer had fans in a tizzy speculating if this was actually a clever way to announce a new game. It was later confirmed that it was, in fact, real and that it was for a new project called Pioneer. Unfortunately, as time went on, the game ran into development problems and could never find its footing. It was only this month did we hear about its so-called cancellation.

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