They’re Fishing For a Lawsuit From Epic Games, Apparently

While everyone loves Fortnite, no one loves it as much as Epic Games. To that end, they are very protective of their brand and all of its various manifestations. This makes the decision to open up an unofficial Fortnite laser tag park a somewhat confusing one.

unofficial fortnite laser tag

A company in the UK has set up this utterly doomed experiment in Leicester. Dubbed ‘Battle Royale,’ the website is just riddled with copyright violations and infringements. Everything from the area names to the fonts to the items on display is flipping two giant middle fingers in the direction of Epic Games. According to the site, you can “Join us for the ultimate Outdoor Battle Royale.” The event will let participants “Laser battle through 3 massive Fortnite themed areas,” presumably until the lawsuits arrive.


One the one hand, this is ludicrous in its boldness. These guys are getting sued into oblivion, possibly tomorrow. On the other hand, this could be a rare opportunity to participate in the sort of event that will never come again. There’s a certain magic in attending a bootleg event in the moments before it’s obliterated by a massive legal team. Think of the bragging rights! You can sign up for ‘Battle Royale’ laser tag here.


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Unofficial Fortnite Laser Tag Park Opens Up