House House, the developers of the goose harassment simulator Untitled Goose Games, have announced that the goose will soon be loose on the Switch as well as PC.

Untitled Goose Game is a puzzle-style game where players take the role of a goose trying to achieve goals that inevitably involve annoying, bothering, and otherwise inconveniencing humans around you. We listed it as one of the best indie games we saw at GDC 2018, where we messed with an unlucky gardener.

The demo we watched pitted the public nuisance against a poor groundskeeper just trying to get his work done. The goose dragged his picnic basket and sandwich into the pond, ran around with his radio player in his beak during a Benny Hill-esque chase sequence, turned on a nearby sprinkler to soak the man, and even stole the keys off his belt.

The game is now being published by Panic, which has previously published the Campo Santo game Firewatch. Untitled Goose Game is coming out for PC and Switch in early 2019.

Untitled Goose Game Gets A New Trailer, Also Coming To Switch