Bethesda Bans NDA Breakers

The Fallout 76 stress test, which is currently underway, allows Xbox Insiders to test the latest build of the game. It includes a glimpse of graphical fidelity and in-game content ahead of everyone else. Unsurprisingly, the privilege comes with a few caveats, such as no sharing footage (or a controller) with anyone else. Unfortunately for one user—among others—his breach of the rules incited bans from Twitter, Xbox, and Bethesda.

Fallout 76 vista

Before anyone can participate in the Fallout 76 stress test, they must agree to a strict NDA. The rules don’t allow content sharing of any kind, which includes video and audio recordings, as well as photos. You can’t even leave the game unattended or let people watch you play in your room. So if you can’t even talk about the stress test, imagine how Bethesda reacted when footage leaked online.


According to one Redditor, his friend—who shared Fallout 76 stress test footage on Twitter—had his Twitter account suspended alongside his Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Gold, and Xbox Insider subscriptions. Bethesda found the leaked footage and instigated the social media takedown, which Twitter has since reversed. Xbox, on the other hand, took the NDA breach very seriously.

While the suspended user will have access to Fallout 76 in the October beta, their Xbox Gold subscription won’t be reinstated until January 2019. Fallout 76, alongside many more multiplayer games, requires an Xbox Gold subscription to play; therefore, he won’t make use of that account for quite some time. The same may apply to many stress test users who’ve been breaking the NDA all over the internet. For one reason or another, footage and information regarding the Insider Program have not been hard to find. Participants should take this story as a warning from Bethesda and Microsoft. As the NDA states: Microsoft reserves the right to terminate your Xbox Live account, user profile, and/or device access to all or part of the Xbox Live service.” 

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