Other Focus Home Interactive Games Are Also on Sale

Over 30 Focus Home Interactive titles such as Vampyr & the complete season of The Council are currently on sale on Xbox One until next Monday, October 22nd.


If you’re interested in picking up Vampyr then you should read our review of it beforehand. “Witnessing a studio succeed beyond what their audience expects of them is always a pleasure, and DONTNOD Entertainment has done just that with Vampyr,” our reviewer wrote. “Whether you’re intrigued by the idea of stalking London as a bloodthirsty vampire or expressly fancy a rock-solid ARPG, consider sinking your teeth into this gem.”

We’ve also recently reviewed the latest episode of The Council, titled “Burning Bridges”. Our reviewer called it “the best episode of the game so far.”

“The key mechanics are sound, the story is downright baffling (in a good way), and the setup for the finale is spot on. Without that glitch off the beaten path and the sneaky timed objective, I’d be tempted to call this episode a perfect ten, as it’s super engaging from the start,” our reviewer wrote. “In this post-Telltale Games world, there’s a void to be filled in narrative-based gaming, and The Council emphatically makes its bid for the throne known with Burning Bridges.”


What do you think of this sale? What titles are you interested in buying? Go ahead and speak your mind in our comments section below.