You Can Start So Many Fires

First there was surgery to perform, and now cooking? What a time to be alive! Cooking Simulator is coming to PC in 2019. You too could be an amazing chef who starts massive fires and also makes the perfect souffle. Possibly in the same session.

Cooking Simulator

From the developers of Planar Conquest, Wastelands Interactive, comes a detailed simulation of every aspect of the cooking process. There’s choosing ingredients, chopping things, spilling soup everywhere and burning the whole mess into ashes. At one point in the trailer, a whole fire extinguisher is chucked into a microwave. Who says cooking soup can’t be exciting?


Sure, you could play something like Overcooked 2 or Cooking Mama, but where’s the imminent threat of fatal disaster in those games? Cooking Simulator looks like it will bring danger and excitement back to the kitchen. There’s no concrete release date just yet, but we should see the game come out on PC in early 2019. For a better look at the precision and mayhem possible, you can check out the full trailer embedded below. As someone who worked in kitchens for several years, this appears to be the most realistic cooking game ever made. Just, so many fires.


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Very Accurate Cooking Simulator Coming in 2019

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