The Power of Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir is on Full Display

The San Diego Comin-Con is currently in full swing and as a result, we are being fed a plethora of exciting new updates. One such example is Square Enix showcasing some never-before-seen footage of Thor whooping some bad guy ass. Showing attendees the footage was planned, having the video leak was (somehow) not.

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The footage comes to us via some amateur camera footage. Therefore, the quality of the video is a little less than ideal and the multiple silhouettes of attendees give a pirated-video vibe. Regardless, it is still enough for us to enjoy a look at the prowess of the mightiest Avenger.

The clip depicts Thor swinging his magical hammer and pulverizing the numerous enemies. The combat style is reminiscent of many games where the player jumps around from enemy to enemy performing combos. Bad guys are thrown across the landscape or smashed into the earth as the flying superhero dashes from one villain to another.

As to the setting, the video provides a few hints. The immediate scene appears to be some sort of toll station, as evident by the countless vehicles and drive-up stations. In the distance is the Golden Gate Bridge, meaning that it is taking place in San Francisco.

Youtuber Mostly variety, who is responsible for posting the leaked video, says they were unable to record the entire spectacle. During the gameplay exhibit, organizers began warning them to cease filming or risk ejection.


While the new story does not provide any more information as to the storyline, it does bode well for the combat sequences – at least for Thor. Square Enix is saying that the gameplay for each hero is very different. It makes sense that as a superhero capable of vanquishing Thanos you can toss regular people around like rag dolls. And when you reach the bosses, just remember, aim for the head.

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