We Happy Few Video Review

It seems like Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few has been in development for ages, however the big moment has arrived and We Happy Few has finally launched. Combining an alternate history with quirky characters, heavy survival gameplay, and downright unsettling takes on society in a totalitarian state, We Happy Few ticks a lot of boxes for enthusiastic gamers. Running around Wellington Wells in this blend of survival, narrative, comedy, and dark thriller sounds fantastic and the games presentation is beautiful, but how is the execution of the final product? Check out our video review below to see what we think of this highly anticipated game.

We Happy Few is a first person survival narrative set in an alternate history in which Germany defeated England, rounding up and taking away their youth while forcing the population to take Joy – a psychedelic and perception-altering drug that keeps the people in line. After the Germans left, the people have remained self-governing but in a creepy totalitarian way, still under the thumb of what their oppressors left behind. Beyond the typical survival mechanics of eating, drinking, and sleeping, the core mechanic to the game is its use of Joy. Not using Joy will make people see you as a Downer – someone who refuses to take part in the state-mandated medication which will see you either mobbed or reported to the authorities. Balancing your Joy and efforts to unlock the truth will be key to your survival, and seeing the world for what it is rather than through the altered lenses of Joy can be incredibly unsettling.

We Happy Few ins4


We Happy Few is available now on PC, Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more information, check out the game’s official website.