Sakura-Con Cosplay Music Video is Simply Fantastic

Welcome back cosplay fans! Last week, Sakura-Con 2019 took place in Seattle. This is an annual three-day anime convention which is held at the Washington State Convention Center and, like this year, is usually held over Easter weekend. It is the largest anime convention in the Northwest and is the 8th largest North American anime convention as of 2017. Today, we stumbled across a killer cosplay music video from the convention and it’s one any cosplay fan will surely appreciate.

If you’ve been following us over the past few years you know we love cosplay. Every week, do our best to keep our eye on the talent and showcase some of the best we’ve seen. Like last week, when we posted some super killer Mortal Kombat cosplay in celebration of the release of Mortal Kombat 11. Not too long ago, we generated some buzz with cosplay from Katy Kat, who is a jaw-dropper. Of course, sexy body paint cosplay always gets everyone’s motor running but today we have something a little different for you.

This video is from Justin Pineda P&V, so if you haven’t checked out his YouTube page, you should. Just click HERE. He put together a terrific cosplay music video cosplay fans needs to see.

In the meantime, check out some of our favorite cosplay we have posted so far this year:

God of War Cosplay Featured

As you can see, it’s been a great year for cosplay so far.

Click on PAGE 2 for the Sakura-Con music video…