Dive Into a Good Time

The ocean floor is a daunting and scary thing. If you are looking to explore it, just bring it back a dimension. We Need To Go Deeper is a 2D roguelike where you and your hypothetical friends operate a submarine to go where only James Cameron has gone before! If you can believe it, this game has been playable since 2014. That’s when it went into Steam Early Access, but now it is ready to surface or another ocean pun. After some 37-odd major updates, 1.0 will be launching next month.

We Need To Go Deeper

This news comes via Steam’s We Need To Go Deeper news page. As developer Deli Interactive says, “As some of you may already know, our graduation from Early Access is soon upon us, scheduled for August 1st, less than a month from now! I’m not shaking, you’re shaking.” They also say that they will certainly not done with updates and that there will be both paid and free content in the game’s future. If you have been wanting to buy WNTGD, but never got around to it, you may want to do that now-ish. It is currently on sale right now at $7.14 CAD from its regular price $10.99. When the game leaves Early Access, the price will go up. It is a full game now after all.

If you already have WNTGD, then heads up; leaderboards will be reset. As clarified by the developers, “You will not lose your rank or items, no. Only leaderboards are being reset!” Once again, We Need To Go Deeper will officially launch on August 1st, 2019 on Steam.

How deep will you go?

Source: Steam