Mass Beheadings are Coming to Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch

We. The Revolution is a historical game set in Revolutionary France during the “Reign of Terror.” You play the position of a judge presiding over complicated cases of all colours. It is the player’s responsibility to decide who lives and who dies. As you could imagine these creates quite a dramatic atmosphere. The game will give you never-ending amounts of hard decisions to make. The player’s job is to try and appease the many demands of Revolutionary France’s political parties and factions. If you upset one group enough then it is game over. But when you lose this game you lose your own head via the guillotine.

We. The Revolution Hero

It is a very unique and interesting game that forces the player to pick sides in a very tumultuous and dangerous time to do so. Life was cheap in Revolutionary France and the game reflects that. It is not often that we see a good historically based game anymore. We. The Revolution is a fresh addition to a genre that has been stale as of late.


You will constantly be making tough choices. Family or friends? Peasantry or aristocracy? Who is betraying the revolution? Who is innocent and who is guilty? These are the questions you will have to ask yourself. It is harder than it looks. Without DNA evidence and finger pints available, you will be determining the fate of someone’s life based on hearsay or only the very shaky eye witness testimony of a peasant.

For anyone that is remotely interested in history, you should definitely give this game a look. It is currently available on Steam and will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on June 25th.

What do you think? Will you be picking up this game when it drops for consoles? Be sure to let us know in the comments as well as on Twitter and Instagram.




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We. The Revolution Gets a Release Date for Consoles

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