For the next couple days, we’re playing Wario, attempting to fix appliances, and cooking the random things we found in the clearance section. The great world spins and we’re barely clinging on.

Ben Hanson (@vidboyslim) – I’m going to be travelling this weekend, and for a fun twist I’ve packed my 3DS along with me instead of a Nintendo Switch. Why, you ask? For WarioWare Gold, of course! Even after playing hours and hours on our work copy, I bought the game for my own system and am looking forward to taking a plane, train, and other things alongside my best buddy Wario. It’s good fun. Well, have a good weekend!

Kyle Hilliard (@xXMegamanXx) – There comes a time in every home owner’s life when they have to sit down, feel the air in their house, get up and check the thermostat, walk outside to look at their air conditioning unit, hang their head in despair, and start researching how much it costs to replace an air-conditioning unit. It sucks, but I am guessing that will encompass a large portion of my weekend. Wish me luck. And sanity. I will also keep reading David Sedaris’ new book, Calypso. At least that will make me happy.

Leo Vader (@vidboythick) – I’m gonna wrap up the rest of my Sentry’s Call classified set in the Division with a few doctor-recommended Siege breaks throughout. Plus I’ll be watching the new Venture Bros. on Sunday with my dad! Can’t wait. HAGS!

Imran Khan (@imranzomg) – I’ll be spending a lot of weekend watching Evo streams online, but I also intend to make as many runs at the Behemoth in Monster Hunter World as I can. I want that armor set and nothing will stop me except my own lack of ability. I might also try and dive into Mega Man X Collection a bit this weekend.

Jacob Geller (@shvitzingschnoodle) – I’m gonna hunt some dang monsters in Monster Hunter. I’ve become addicted to my greatsword’s hollow thunk as it smacks a dragon in the mouth. It’s now the only thing that brings me joy. Also, I found a box of “cheddar bay biscuit mix” at Target; I’ve never been to a Red Lobster, but I’m going to bring one to me.  

Camden Jones (@diddyskongquips) – I’m going to the Minneapolis Institute of Art for the second weekend in a row, because the two hours I spent there last Friday weren’t nearly enough. Otherwise, I’m going to chill between my department store shifts, and I might take a trip to the Minneapolis Landscape Arboretum at some point, weather permitting. No games for this game boy this weekend!

Derek Swinhart (@CerealKiller) – I will be continuing to play No Man’s Sky and investing some time into the Battlefield 1 Apocalypse expansions since it released for free this week.

Weekend Warrior – Everybody’s Workin For The Wario