Like Turok But With More Flying, Fewer Dinosaurs

Odds are you never played Forsaken on the N64 or the PC. I only read about it in Nintendo Power, but now it looks like my chance to play it is coming up soon! Nightdive Studios is bringing a remastered version of the game to PC and Xbox One next week.

Forsaken Remastered

The game is a first-person shooter of sorts, wherein you fly a hoverbike around a series of destitute post-apocalyptic stages to murder either other players or AI combatants. The game features something like six different game modes, including capture the flag. Multiplayer on console was a strictly split-screen affair, for better or for worse.


I can’t speak for the other versions, but the remastered graphics are leaps and bounds better than what one got with the N64. Like all first-gen 3D consoles, graphics back then were hopelessly fuzzy. This new release upscales all the way to 4K, or at least it’s compatible with 4K monitors. The multiplayer has also been upgraded, with 16 players able to participate in all six varieties of matchup. Nightdive did a pretty decent job with the Turok remaster, so I have high hopes for Forsaken Remastered. The game will be out on PC and Xbox One on July 31st, 2018.