A Little More Patience, Partners

Players can respect a well crafted game. Of course, crafting a game worth playing takes time. Wolfeye Studios has announced today, via an update video, that they are pushing their action RPG Weird West to March of 2022. The video explains Wolfeye’s choice to push their game back until early next year. 

“On one hand we realize the game is really great. On the other hand we realize the game is not quite ready yet,” said Raphael Colantonio, president and creative director at Wolfeye in the video.

Currently Weird West is in Beta testing. The game itself is a reimagining of the old West. Where gunslingers and lawmen share the frontier world with creatures of fantasy and magic. Werewolves, Seers, and Pigmen are just some of the things players can expect to find in the game. Additionally, the game is a top down action RPG that features a whole mess of old west action. 


“We are committed to delivering the best experience,” said Colantonio, “…this is why we are pushing the game to March 31st 2022.”

 A tweet by the game’s publisher, Devolver Digital,  claims that the game is “incredible (according to Beta testers) but needs some wonky moments ironed out.” 



Weird West will be releasing in March of 2022. Currently, the game is expected to be released on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5. Are you happy with Wolfeye’s choice to delay the game? Can you wait to jump into the wild and Weird West? 


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Weird West Delayed Until March 2022