Winter is one of the best times to stay indoors and cuddle up with a game. As we gear up for another fun year of gaming, we’re happy to introduce Game Informer’s intern crew for the Winter of 2019. These awesome writers will help us cover all the important video game news and culture over the next three months as they further their knowledge of working in the industry. Come meet the new G.I. interns.

Nathan Anstadt – I would like to get this out of the way up front: I play video games. I always have. Getting my hands on my brother’s Game Boy when I was younger put me down the path that has, miraculously, led me to this desk in Minneapolis writing for Game Informer. I went to school to learn how to write specifically because I wanted to be able to share my thoughts on games, so the drive out from Colorado was thrilling and surreal. I spent most of my time after high school working in retail selling video games from big box chains to mom and pop retro stores. For me, that was a wonderful chance to talk video games with people from countless backgrounds. Now, writing about games at Game Informer – even just for a few months – I look forward to exploring this long-standing passion in a place I’ve always looked to as an inspiration in my writing career. As for my gaming interests, I love all things Pokémon and Nintendo, but my tastes vary. Some of my favorites include Flower, Super Mario World, and BioShock. It’s all over the place, but my desire to catch them all doesn’t stop with Pokémon. I love building a collection; it’s been my connection with my personal gaming history as well as the larger gaming history that I might have missed. Being here is an enormous thrill to me, and I can’t wait to spend the next several months in the frigid Minnesota winter doing what I love.

Hunter Wolfe – It’s a huge honor to be interning at Game Informer this winter. In high school, flaunting your passion for video games with an issue of Game Informer on your desk was taboo — and now I’m working at the Game Informer office. Fourteen-year-old Hunter would be so proud. A few things about 23-year-old Hunter: I earned my B.A. in Journalism from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, and I used that degree to write about video games for several sites online. I enjoy a variety of games across a breadth of genres, but some of my favorite games include Kingdom Hearts, Spider-Man, Spyro the Dragon, Overwatch, and Tomb Raider. (I may have written fanfiction for some or all of those.) I’m excited to be working with Game Informer’s cast of passionate and experienced characters, and I look forward to interacting with all of you in the comments! +10 Hype.

Jason Guisao – For longer than I can remember, Game Informer magazines have been mercilessly stuffed into my mailbox every month. To be in Minneapolis among these gaming journalists is a gift of magical proportions. Though I missed the classic golden age of gaming as well as the early consoles of the 90s, I was very much a part of the contemporary scene that began with the PlayStation 2. Square Enix franchises kept me up late at night. And when the Xbox 360 hit store shelves, I was finally introduced to prolific developers like Bungie and Infinity Ward. But JRPGs have always been my preferred experiences (shout-out to Persona 5 and Zodiac Age!). While studying creative writing at SUNY Geneseo, I fell in love with Overwatch. And let me tell you: that love runs deep. Nowadays, I’m a shot-calling support player for a crew of loyal teammates dedicated to making a name for themselves in the Overwatch console community. What a blessing it is to be here! In a way, this internship is my origin story. I can’t wait to discover what routes await me.

Are you considering a career in video games writing? If you’re looking to further your existing writing or journalism education through an internship at Game Informer, we’re currently accepting applications for the upcoming summer term. For more information, email me at the address below, or click here to learn more.

Welcome The Winter 2018 Game Informer Interns