Can’t Possibly Be Soon Enough

If you’re a huge fan of Sniper Ghost Warrior, yet you’re sick of the direction the games have been going in, then this is great news! According to the developers, this latest Sniper Ghost Warrior game will take the series in a fresh new direction.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Top Screen

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts walks back the open world focus of the previous game. The single player campaign will feature “contract missions that offer a clear main objective with a fixed monetary reward.” There will also be secondary objectives you can tackle, along with the option to replay missions for extra rewards.


Essentially, the team has taken in player feedback to dial down any latent frustration and ramp up the rewards for persistent, tactical strategy. While there’s a lot of different ways to complete every mission, Contracts will hopefully feel more focused than its predecessor. It appears that the team was “too ambitious” when it came to SGW 3. The open world elements took away from the core experience. Hopefully this latest installment will retain the replay value the team is looking for, while still offering that essential sniper gameplay fans are looking for. Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts will be out sometime next year.


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We’re Getting Another Sniper Ghost Warrior Game