Project Xehanort Page Puzzles Fans

Square Enix has launched a new Twitter account to announce their latest Kingdom Hearts creation: Project Xehanort. Predictably, information on this project is sparse.

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The Twitter account was created late in the evening on Jan 22 and it only has two tweets so far. The first tweet reveals that the project is set to release in spring of this year. The tweet also tell us that Project Xehanort is not the official name of the product.

The second tweet reveals the “Guess the Name” campaign, wherein fans are encouraged to send their guesses for the actual name of the game. 10 winners will be selected from the entries. The full list of rules can be found here. With the insane names that plague the Kingdom Hearts spin-off catalogue, this competition could be anyone’s game.

The Twitter profile for Project Xehanort reveals one more key detail.

“A new mobile experience for KINGDOM HEARTS arrives Spring 2020!”

The game is intended for smartphones and can be expected to drop on iOS, Android, and Amazon mobile platforms this Spring.

The name of the twitter account is derived from one of the series main villains, Xehanort. The official Project Xehanort website features a picture of the antagonist with a caption below reading “Why did he become the seeker of darkness”. The website seems to imply that the game will be talking the backstory of Xehanort and exactly how he came to be so evil.

While the plot of the game may be predictable, it is entirely uncertain what type of mobile experience this new game will offer. Kingdom Hearts has seen two mobile games in its past, including King Dom Hearts: Coded (later ported to Nintendo DS as Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded), and Kingdom Hearts Mobile, which launched in December 2008 and received steady updates for a year.

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What is Kingdom Hearts’ Project Xehanort?