This week, Overwatch and Street Fighter are both on a global kick, Counter-Strike is in London, and America is all about anime.

The finals of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Faceit London Major are this weekend and the prize is a cool $1 million, so if you’d like to have some CS:GO on in the background while you think about what you’d do with that much money, go for it. (Stream / Schedule)

The Overwatch World Cup is in Paris this week, and France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and the United Kingdom are in contention for a spot in the finals. (Stream and Schedule)

If you want to watch some Street Fighter V, there are plenty of places to do it! EGX (Stream and Schedule), TGS (Stream and Schedule) and Never Give Up (Stream and Schedule) are all hosting Capcom Pro Tour events in Europe, Japan, and Latin America, respectively, so just about any time zone has a SFV tournament going on.

If Street Fighter’s not your thing and anime is, then you’ll want to check out CEOtaku, which will have several anime fighting games on display for the weekend, including the big ones (Dragon Ball FighterZGuilty Gear Xrd), and way more obscure ones (Melty Blood: Actress Again Current CodeSailor Moon S, and Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai), so if that sounds good to you, check it out! (Stream / Schedule)

You can also check out some high-level Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at the Esports Arena in Las Vegas, so drive (haha, that’s a “joke” I’ve made there) by the stream and check it out! (Stream and Schedule)

That’s it for this weekend! Let us know if we missed an event, or there’s a scene you’d like us to cover, in the comments below!

What To Watch This Weekend: Counter-Strike, And Sailor Moon S