Maybe a Bit of Hearthstone, Too

Strange Sevens, the development studio comprised of former AAA developers, has been hard at work to deliver Wild Beyond. Imagine the kind of game where you manage your own faction, only it comes with the beauty of an RTS playstyle. Now imagine it on your phone. Now stop having Diablo Immortal flashbacks.

The up and coming development studio decided to dive head first into mobile gaming, with their own spin on RTS. In Wild Beyond, players discover a fantastical galaxy in the palm of their hand. It’s a world full of characters, factions, and other players who can offer alliances. Imagine base management, economics, and tech in a title that also sports the worthwhile features of a card game. If you’ve always wanted that kind of an experience, without the caveats of a full-blown desktop, then look no further.

In Wild Beyond, players lead a Commander and a handpicked army from their faction in real-time synchronous multiplayer battles. Factions provide unique personalities in-game, from the sci-fi / fantasy-based Ascension, to the futuristic military of the Legion, and even punk-rock-pyromaniacs from the Rogue faction. Players are dropped into a galaxy with these three warring factions, each with their own backstory, and fight across a diverse set of planets and battlefields. Underneath the beautiful, immersive world lies deep, strategic, and competitive real-time gameplay, complete with innovative collectible card game elements.


“Wild Beyond is our inaugural title and we’ve been working to turn it into a meticulously crafted experience for more than four years,” said Jon Selin, VP of Game Design, in a press release. “We’ve brought together some of the best talents from all over the industry to create a unique mobile game that players are sure to enjoy.”

“Our artistic vision for Wild Beyond was centered around bringing a thriving and beautiful 3D world, inhabited by distinctive characters and charm, to the mobile market,” said Alex Muscat, Studio Art Director. “We’re excited to show players what we’ve made.”

“From the beginning, we wanted to create a new style of real-time strategy game set in an immersive world with factions full of personality and relatable characters that players will fall in love with,” said Brian Shih, Project Lead for Wild Beyond. “This is an unparalleled game for all types of mobile players who are looking for deep and strategic gameplay.”

Obviously, the mobile market is saturated with strategy games that hinge on base-building and the like. If you’re in search of something with depth, that’s immersive, and fits within the palm of your hand, why not give Wild Beyond a try? For more about the gameplay and factions, you can visit Wild Beyond’s website. Download it for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release

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