All of the Old Expansions Are Now Included With Subscription Fee

World of Warcraft just keeps on getting better, long after I gave up the game for good. Blizzard has announced that all of the old expansions are going to be included with the subscription fee. Now it’s even cheaper to offer yourself up on WoW’s massive stone altar!

World of Warcraft Legion Screen cheaper

When I say ‘old expansions,’ I mean everything before Battle of Azeroth, which comes out on August 14th. The newest expansion will still require an extra $50, but otherwise you can get all the way up to level 110 on that subscription fee alone. It’s the same price that it’s always been, too.


Between this news and the huge changes Blizzard made to level scaling back in January, World of Warcraft is quite a different game than the one I gave my life to back in the day. I can still never play it again, of course. But I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look like a pretty good time.


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World of Warcraft Just Got Cheaper, Sort Of