PvP and PvE Intertwine

Another year brings another Zombie IP, or two, so we’re here to talk about World War Z. While everyone’s out to talk about battle royale, some devs remind us that team-based zombie killing is a subject that will never decay. In this case, it’s Saber Interactive who’ve launched a new trailer.

Our latest glimpse of World War Z comes with a nail-biting twist. Many multiplayer adventures find a way to incorporate PvE and PvP, but Saber has combined the two. With five gameplay modes, the new-jersey dev team has found creative ways for players to compete. Rather than just kill each other, the combatants face off against zombies and everyone else. You can do this in Scavenge raid, where everyone must gather resources in the world. You can do it in Vaccine hunt, where holding the cure scores points. Then there’s Swarm Deathmatch which is about eliminating the other team. Swarm Domination is about control points, while King of the Hill is a fight over a single objective. In every scenario, hordes of zombies will be on the prowl.


Don’t let all the multiplayer fun fool you, though. World War Z has a campaign set in once bustling cities. Moreover, it has co-op to keep you on the road with friends or helpful strangers. Select one of six playable classes and venture out into the infested world.

World War Z arrives later this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

SOURCE: GamingBolt

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World War Z Introduces PvP With Zombies Chasing You