The Upcoming World War Z Game Launches in April

The four-player co-op zombie shooter World War Z is slated for an April 16th release, according to an official Tuesday announcement. The announcement also came with a new trailer that can be viewed below.

Notably, it appears that World War Z is launching in the same month as another zombie shooter, Days Gone, which will come out on April 26th for the PS4.

If you don’t know much about World War Z then here’s a basic rundown: it’s a globetrotting co-op shooter that involves four players who can use six different classes and a variety of weapons & traps.

There’s also a Players vs Players vs Zombies (PvPvZ) multiplayer mode that pits two teams of human players against each other while also having to deal with loads of zombies.

World War Z

If you”d like to learn more about this game then read a hands-on preview of it that we published last June.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how World War Z turns out, though I am a bit worried about the difficulty level,” the preview’s author wrote. “One of the challenges in playing with the devs is that you don’t get a clear idea of how tough things will get. Zombie games are one genre where I want the challenge level to be as high as possible. If I’m going to survive an onslaught of swarming undead, I want to earn that victory.”


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World War Z Takes Over the World on April 16th