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Xbox Game Pass is championing the video game subscription model, offering greater titles every month. April comes with a stellar selection of games that are bound to keep players busy. This month’s highlights include Monster Hunter World and Life is Strange 2.

Prey ZeniMax

The subscription service is coming in hot with a total of six new games. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will soon have access to Monster Hunter World, Resident Evil 5, Prey, Life is Strange 2, Telltale’s The Walking Dead and The Golf Club 2.

Monster Hunter was Capcom’s runaway success in 2018, probably the best live service game to arrive this generation. Even after launch, the developers smacked players in the face with monster after monster, and at no additional cost. Anyone who joins the hunt now can stock up on weapons and gear before Iceborne arrives this Fall.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier was one of Telltale’s signature titles, thrusting players in a post-apocalypse where every decision had a real consequence. Populated by compelling characters and a surplus of zombies, every adventure comes with a revelation.

Then we have Prey, the first-person-shooter from Arkane Studios. Back in 2017, it was the breed of shooter we hadn’t seen in a long time. With its own Sci-fi spin, the game’s core loop hearkens back to titles like Half-Life. Filling the space suit of Morgan Yu, on the strange space station, Talos-1, players find themselves face to face with a sinister race of deadly aliens/experiments.

With Life is Strange 2, developer Dontnod continues its emotional brand of storytelling. The game follows Sean and Daniel Diaz, two brothers who are forced to abandon their home after a terrible tragedy. Like in the first game, players must decide between nail-biting decisions and watch the results of their actions slowly unfold.

The Golf Club 2 offers an interesting take on the genre. With new mechanics for a seamless swing, players can partake in a story mode that lets them build their own course. It offers a blend of career and competition that’s becoming more commonplace in the genre

Back from the era of Xbox 360 and PS3, Resident Evil 5 is part of the action-oriented Capcom that deviated from Resident Evil roots. Now that it’s on Xbox Game Pass, there’s no reason not to jump in.
Do any of these games inspire you to pick up Game Pass? Any favorites? Let us know in the comments below.




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