Xbox Collaborated With OPI Nail Polish to Bring Xbox Game Theme

Xbox has been enjoying doing all sorts of collaborations lately with other brands. With Adidas, they did a release of three different shoes in order to celebrate their 20th anniversary. They collaborated with Gucci to make a 10,000 dollar console and luggage collaboration. The latest, however, is an unexpected twist, which comes with its own special little incentive that has not come from other collaborations.

Xbox OPI collab

Xbox has teamed up with OPI Nail Polish to create a collaboration line of nail polish. While it is an unexpected twist, the colors are, thankfully, not too wild, going from pink, green, blue, and purple, the incentives are pretty interesting.

Turns out if you buy one of these nails of nail polish, it’s possible to get a skin for either Halo Infinite or for Forza Horizon 5, for the armor and a car skin. One will get you a nice purple sparkly suit, and the other will get you an orange and pink car. They’re not bad- the skins look nice at least. But according to the announcement, these skins will only be available starting from February 1, 2022. And, too, it seems that these shades can only be able to be bought in the US unless they have access to

So, mostly accessible to international audiences.

Apparently, it’s also possible to win a controller that matches one of the nail polishes, with details that can be found, interestingly enough, via OPI’s social media- Tiktok and Instagram specifically- on details on how to win one of these Xbox controllers.

As for the price of the nail polish itself, well, it depends. If it’s for the Nail Lacquers, it’s 10.50 USD; Infinite Shine colors are 13 USD. That can be pretty expensive for nail polish, but hey.

It doesn’t cost as much as a Gucci Xbox.



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Xbox Newest Collaboration Goes Into Nail Polish