Microsoft Launched the Update Earlier This Week

The Xbox One received a new update on Thursday that aimed to provide more search options for Xbox One owners, improve streaming on Mixer and allow players to play downloadable games faster.

Xbox One X Hero Take 2

If players want to be able to play games that are presently downloading then the newly-added FastStart feature will enable the console to pick which files are necessary for playing and prioritize those files. While you’re playing, the console will download the rest of that game’s files. However, this FastStart feature is only available for a few English language games on the Xbox One.

The update also brings more organization options for player libraries and made the Y button on the controller the default search button while using the console’s dashboard.

Finally, there’s been some improvements made to streaming with Mixer. Now streamers can go full-screen while streaming and the update includes “a number of changes and fixes to improve overall broadcast video quality”. Also, the Share Controller function on Mixer now has full mouse & keyboard support for PC users, the ability to use multiple touch-enabled devices and a leaderboard that’ll highlight which viewers contributed the most to the streamer’s channel during the Share Controller session.


What do you think of this latest update so far? Did Microsoft improve on the areas that you think are important or should they have had this update focus on other features? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!