Last month, Niantic announced that its monthly Community Day in July would focus on the water starter, Squirtle. Players knew this meant a high probability of a Shiny variant of the blue turtle, but Niantic has announced that players have a chance to encounter Squirtle sporting sunglasses in homage to the Squirtle Squad from the anime.

By completing special Research Tasks during Squirtle Community Day this Sunday, July 8, you can encounter Squirtle wearing sunglasses. No word on if this means you won’t be able to find Shiny Squirtles in the wild as you’ve been able to with the featured Pokémon in each Community Day to this point. Either way, if you evolve a Wartortle into a Blastoise during the three-hour window of Community Day, it’ll know the exclusive move Hydro Cannon.

The Squirtle Community Day happens this Sunday, July 8. To find the three-hour window the event is happening in your local area, head here. For more on Pokémon Go, check out our constantly updated guide.

[Source: Pokémon Go on Twitter]

You Can Catch Squirtle With Sunglasses In Pokémon Go This Sunday