Game Maker’s Toolkit, a YouTube channel by games writer Mark Brown, takes deep dives on certain aspects of gaming from level design to music. He explains in detail what works about, say, a dungeon in Zelda and sometimes what doesn’t. Now Brown has launched a new series on the channel, Designing for Disability.

In the inaugural episode, Brown covers how to make games better for gamers who are deaf or hard of hearing, and talks about how some games get subtitles right and how some get it wrong. It’s a useful look at a feature a lot of developers likely ignore, but it can make or break someone’s experience with a game.

“That’s the thing about video game subtitles: it’s more important than any other medium that that they’re easy to read, because you’re trying to divide your attention between the subtitles and everything else you need to think about,” Brown says.

Make sure to watch the full video to see Brown’s arguments for why developers should take more care to ensure everyone can enjoy their games.

YouTube Channel Game Maker’s Toolkit Debuts Series About Accessibility